IAB 2.0 Podcast Measurement Guidelines

Dropwave has now moved to the leading industry measurement standard, IAB 2.0. The change sees all Dropwave hosted shows move from being measured against the IAB 1.0 standard to being measured against the 2.0 standard. The key differences is:

  • We will now only count 1 useragent & IP address combo in a 24hr period rather than 2 (i.e. if the same person hits play on your episode more than once in 24hrs, they’ll only be counted as one listener, whereas in the IAB 1.0 standard, they could be counted twice)

We made this change on June 18th and the listening data you now see on your channel is backdated.

It is almost certain you will see a downturn in weekly recorded listens. The amount of listeners you have will of course be the same, but under the 2.0 standard we’ll be recording them even more robustly, giving greater clarity and trust to content creators and advertisers across the podcast spectrum.