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Our mission is to build to a Christ-honoring podcast hosting and engagement platform that protects it’s users from the cancel-loving big tech.

What we do.


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Our team

Jeremi Bergman


Jeremi Bergman is a husband, father, elder at Christ the King Church of Clinton, TN and a long time software developer. He has been writing software for over twenty-five years. He grew up in South Bend, IN and since he was quite young the Lord gave him a deep interest in mechanics, technology, and anything having to do with a computer. At fourteen he picked up his first programming book and read it cover to cover. From that point on programming became a second language to him, literally. He graduated from Ball State University with a Computer Science degree and a minor in Information Technology and has owned multiple business ventures and is currently employed as a CTO for a local company. He also maintains a side development business. He is crazy about his bride of twenty years and his five children. Jeremi, Diane and their children reside in Knoxville, TN.

Gabriel Rench


Gabriel Rench was born in the Promised Land of Texas. Six states later, he ended up in Moscow, Idaho, where he graduated from the University of Idaho. He has also attended Greyfriars Hall, the pastoral training program at Christ Church. Gabriel is a media and marketing consultant, Co-Founder of the Fight Laugh Feast Network, and one of the host of CrossPolitic TV Show and Podcast. CrossPolitic Show (Christ over politics) mixes the taboo formula of faith, culture, and politics in order to bringing the clarity of the gospel into muddle-American. He also serves as a Deacon at his church (Christ Church), and serves on various non-profit boards. His favorite food groups are BBQ, ice cream, and topping-the-charts Scotch (Balvenie 21 year, if you are asking). He lives on a small 10-acre farm with his wife, three children, a couple horses, one dog, and two outdoor cats.

Our core values.

01. Respect

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02. Creativity

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03. Integrity

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04. Leadership

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05. Innovation

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06. Reliability

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