To login, simply visit and enter your email address and password to access the application.  If you’ve forgotten your password, you can use the “Forgot Your Password” option.

Forgot Password

If you’ve forgotten your password, simply visit the Forgot Password link and enter your email address that you registered with.  You’ll receive an email with the password reset link which will allow you to reset your password.


The dashboard is currently under development.  In the near future it will provide a quick view to stats for your shows, quick access to upload a show, etc.


To access your show or shows, visit the Shows link in the menu of the application.  This will list the shows you have access to, and allow you to manage your show episodes, find your RSS feed, edit the settings etc.


Clicking on the view icon on your show you’ll see the episodes that have been uploaded for that show.

Listed will be your uploaded episodes sorted by the publish date/time.  From there you can view/edit each episode, or delete it:

You can also add a new Episode by clicking “Add Episode”

When adding an episode, the following fields can be entered:

Title – Title of the episode.  Required

Slug – This is the slug/computer version of the title.  If you leave this blank it will auto populate on save.

Publish Date – This is the date/time you would like to publish the episode.  To schedule an episode in the future you only need to put in a future date/time. Required

Show Notes – Show notes for use in the podcast catcher/app/etc. Required

Keywords/Tags – Keywords or tags for the episode.  Separated by comma.

Hosts/Authors – Hosts on this episode.  Separated by comma.

Media File – Click the “Upload a file” to upload your mp3 file.  Required

Cover Art – If you want to upload a specific image for this episode you can upload that here.  If you do not upload a different cover art it will pull the art from the show settings.

Simple Step-by-step for posting an episode

  1. Once logged into Dropwave, click on “Shows” in the top menu
  2. Click the icon that looks like an “eye” next to your show
  3. Click “add new episode” in the top right corner
  4. Now you can enter all episode details (title, slug, description, publish date, etc.)
  5. PLEASE NOTE: the title, publish date, show notes, and media file are required fields.
  6. After you have all fields filled out, click “save episode” in the bottom right of the page and your episode is live.